Hello all
Just thought we would update you on our plans for this year and let you know how your generous donations to our fundraising efforts are being spent. We will be travelling to Nepal early October to conduct dental clinics in Junbesi and Ghandruk once again. We look forward to seeing firsthand how the village of Junbesi is recovering after the earthquake last year.

The attached photo shows some of the bits and pieces we are assembling. The army camouflage pack in foreground is a complete dental unit in a back pack, the black travelling case is a small portable x-ray unit. The other pieces are self evident. We give each child treated a bundle of textas, toothbrush and dental related colouring sheet. The warm clothing is for babies and small children. John plans to purchase an extra suction unit in Kathmandu as well as our usual consumable supplies of gloves, local anaesthetics, cleaning materials and the like.
This year, our little team will be expanded and will include Dr Trang from Brisbane plus our grandson Oscar for the Junbesi clinic and we will again have the services of the wonderful Dr Loc and her husband John from Canberra for the Ghandruk clinic.
We really do appreciate your generosity to our fundraising efforts.
Namaste for now
John and Helen